Dental prosthetics

The In-Dent dental laboratory was opened in 2006, as a part of the Džolev specialized stomatological clinic.

This modern laboratory, with its staff of six dental technicians with years of experience, offers services in the field of fixed prosthodontics. Continuous education and introduction of cutting-edge technologies, in step with the global trends, ensures that the work is carried out according to the highest standards. We have special experience in doing prosthetic restorations with implants (Ankylos, Nobel Biocare, Implant Direct, Biohorizons, B&B Dental, Zimmer, Straumann).

In our work, we are striving to meet the highest esthetical and functional demands of our doctors and patients. Apart from providing services in the field of fixed prosthodontics, the Džolev special dental clinic has had successful cooperation with numerous other dental clinics from Novi Sad and the region.

Dragana Džolev

Dragana Džolev – founder
of the IN-DENT dental lab


  •  Installation of metal ceramic crowns with three types of ceramics:

VITA VM 13 ceramics, manufactured in Germany, is used for veneering over metal frameworks. Apart from the improved characteristics, the fine structure of VITA VM 9 offers a whole array of advantages to dental technicians and their patients alike. Due to its fine structure, the VITA VM 13 ceramics has characteristics similar to the enamel. For determining the color, VITA PAN 3D MASTER color key is used, with 26 systematically positioned colors. The colors of the key cover almost all the shades of natural teeth coloring. 


CERAMCO 3, manufactured in the USA, is a complete system of ceramics designed according to the superior tradition of DENTSTPLAY/CERAMCO 3 ceramics technology, that combines the constant reliability of the product with excellent natural esthetics.


SHOFU VINTAGE MP is ceramics manufactured in Japan, used for veneering over metal frameworks. VINTAGE MP is a type microceramics based on the latest findings in ceramics technology, achieving the reflection and dissipation of light identical to those of the natural teeth. 


  • Metal-free crowns over aluminium-oxide with VITA VM 7 ceramics
  • Metal-free crowns over zirconium with VITA VM 9 ceramics
  • Fixed restoration on implants
  • Fixed restoration for the placement of partial skeletal prosthetics
  • Veneering and inlays
  • Temporary crowns
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