Thirty years of experience in dental implantology

  • Compensation of partial or complete toothlessness of the patient, by the installment of endosteal implants
  • Application of various cutting-edge systems  (Ankylos, Nobel-Biocare, Implant-direct, B&B, Zimmer, Biohorizons) and documented clinical experience in the area of application.
  • Immediate implantation after the extraction of the tooth if there is an indication.
  • Implant loading (construction of prosthetics on the implant), usually after three months for the lower and for months for the upper jaw.
  • Immediate implant loading (upon the installation) if there is an indication.

Over time, we have acquired important personal experience in the advantages and disadvantages of specific dental implant systems. In other words, we have become familiar with our own limitations in healing partially and completely toothless patients. Our strategy for a successful implant therapy consists of a correct indication, a minimally invasive, gentle surgical procedure and precise prosthetic work on the implants. The patient plays a very important role in the final success of the implant therapy. Good oral hygiene and regular checks are necessary. It has been 25 years since Prof. Asen Džolev, Ph. D. installed his first implant in private practice. His adherence to all of the above mentioned principles, together with the patient’s personal discipline, ensured that the implant has remained functionally and esthetically active to this day.

Implantolog - Asen Dzolev

Implantologist Prof. Dr. Asen Džolev,
Ph. D, maxillofacial surgeon

Implantolog - Ratko Dzolev

Implantologist Dr. Ratko Džolev,
oral surgeon


Upper right central incisor missing


Installed Ankylos implant with an esthetical Sulcus former


Completed prosthetic work – single crown on the implant


Satisfactory esthetic result – a check after 12 months


Complete toothlessness of the lower jaw – Ankylos system for the installation of suprastructure


Complete toothlessness of the lower jaw – Ankylos system metal testing


Completed prosthetic work


Implants with stable healing of soft and bony tissues in the lower jaw. Compensation of complete lower toothlessness.


Implants with stable healing of soft and bony tissues in the lower jaw. Compensation of partial toothlessness.